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We offer a range of accessories designed to enhance the usability of our products and maximize their effectiveness.



Biodor Control CNB 33g and 200g

At Biopulcher, we take pride in offering complete odor control solutions, and our stainless steel supports are a perfect complement to our Biodor Control CNB product. These high quality, optimized design brackets ensure greater eficiency by allowing the gel to evaporate from both sides, providing wider and longer lasting odor removal coverage. Simplify the placement of Biodor Control CNB in your indoor spaces with Biopulcher supports.

Features / Benefits of stainless steel brackets.

  1. High-quality material: Our supports are made of durable and strong stainless steel, ensuring a long service life and excellent corrosion resistance.
  2. Compatibility with 33 and 200 gram formats: The supports are designed to fit perfectly with the two sizes of Biodor Control CNB we offer. This ensures secure and stable placement of the product on the desired surfaces.
  3. Optimizing effectiveness: The stainless steel supports have been carefully designed to maximize the effectiveness of Biodor Control CNB. Thanks to their design, the gel can evaporate from both the front and the back of the bracket, allowing a wider distribution of the product and greater coverage of the affected area.
  4. Easy installation: The brackets come with all the necessary accessories for quick and easy installation. They can be easily fixed to walls or ceilings using screws or adhesives supplied in the package.

Diffuser 33

778g 125x105Ømm

Diffusion equipment that increases the effectiveness of Biodor Control CNB, thus achieving an unbeatable result. Indicated for places where odors are more intense. Biopulcher Diffuser 33 propels air helping the release and diffusion of odor neutralizers contained in Biodor Control CNB.


  • Electric equipment with adjustable speed. Power supply included.
  • Attractive and robust design. Made of stainless steel.
  • Capacity from 1 to 3 portions of gel (33g).

200g Cartridge

Stainless steel cartridge for Biodor Control CNB 200.

Once the gel is inserted inside, place the cartridge in an aerated area or inside the ventilation/air extraction duct.


Ventilation and extraction traps

Biopulcher offers a range of hatches to facilitate the introduction of Biodor Control CNB in the air ducts. By placing the gel in the extraction circuit you will get the air outdoors without emitting any cannabis and/or tobacco odor. No more expensive activated carbon or ozone filters will be necessary. By placing the gel in the ventilation circuit, you will eliminate the odor from indoor areas quickly and efficiently. The ventilation ducts act as air diffusers helping the release and distribution of the odor neutralizers.

  • Manufactured from galvanized steel with a high level of finish.
  • Available for all diameters and types of ducts, both circular and rectangular.
  • Easy and fast assembly. Includes template and sealing gasket.
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